Not A Fan Store FAQs

Where do you ship?
Everywhere! I offer worldwide shipping.
Where are you shipping from?
The United States.
When can I expect my package?
Due to COVID-19 we cannot determine an exact arrival date. However, we will provide shipping details once your order is shipped. 
How did you find your style?
From reading comics and watching sports. 
Why are my keychains faded?
The Mini Keychains are packaged with a layer of adhesive paper on the front and back of each individual keychain, to help prevent scuffing and scratching during shipping. If you have trouble removing the protective paper from your keychain, please email me.
What programs do you use to create your artwork?
Adobe Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Cricut Design, Procreate
What type of packaging do you use?
 Made from 100% recycled material from EcoEnclose 
Are your commissions currently open? 
At the moment, yes! Send me an email