About Me and Not A Fan Store

For the few that read this, I’d like to introduce myself.

Hi- I’m Jo, and I’m a lifelong sports fan and self-taught artist. It might seem a bit small now, but this is my way of sharing my passions with the world and people around me.

‘Not A Fan’ originally started back in the summer of 2019, when I was hellbent on making a podcast to talk (or mostly likely yell) about hockey, and I was prepared to explain why I wasn’t a fan of any team that beat any of my favorite teams.

You may not be able to tell, but all the artworks and products of mine you see (and the hundreds you’ll likely never see), are inspired by the sports and athletes I watch and love, the comics I constantly read, and the horror movies I can’t stop watching.

My art and “sports takes” have reached so many people, way more than I could’ve ever imagined and it’s thanks to the people like you- the person reading this, the people who repost and like my art, the people who don’t block me after retweeting another fancam.

Y’all are the reason ‘Not A Fan’ is more than just a Twitter handle, so thank you. I hope you love and enjoy everything.


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